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Guiding Families Through All Phases of Financial Life

We work with clients throughout the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions to bring order to family’s financial lives so they can concentrate on family, health, travel and goals. Using traditional and forward-thinking approaches to investments, wealth enhancement, wealth transfer and wealth protection, Lansing Street Advisors takes a full-service approach to accumulate, preserve and distribute family financial resources

The Lansing Street Advisors Team

Trusted stewardship of your family’s day-to-day financial life and secure future.

Matt Topley

Matt Topley

Founder & President

Matt Topley is the Founder & President of Lansing Street Advisors, oversees the delivery of investment, personal finance and life strategy advice to the firm’s clients. During an accomplished 25-year career in finance, Matt ran trading for a $1.5 billion hedge fund, created and ran a concentrated stock fund and helped found a $50 million private real estate fund that closed over 60 transactions in five years.

Prior to founding Lansing, Matt served as partner and chief investment officer at Fortis Wealth, a family office that serves ultra-high net worth entrepreneurs. Earlier, as a partner at Turner Investments, Inc. he dramatically expanded the capitalization of one of the busiest mutual fund trading desks in the United States.

Mike Topley

Mike Topley

Chief Operating Officer

Mike Topley is the Chief Operating Officer of Lansing Street Advisors. He has a wide range of experience with various financial products and services. For years he supported stock brokers in Philadelphia and institutional traders on Wall Street. At The Vanguard Group, he coached the common investor to educated investment decisions. He joined SEI as an internal wholesaler helping dozens of financial advisors service their clients and grow their practice.

Most recently, he spent 4-years at an advisory group in Delaware and served as the Investment Specialist for individuals and retirement plan sponsors. Mike’s extensive background allows him to bring a diverse perspective to the firm and deliver a unique client experience.