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Like the four towers standing guard over Kilkenny Castle in Ireland, Lansing Street Advisors’ four areas of expertise form the bedrock of a successful financial future. The Topley’s ancestors came from Kilkenny, Ireland to have a better future for themselves and future generations. It’s that spirit that lives on at our firm.

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Wealth Enhancement

Focuses on the many strategies that families can utilize to protect and maintain wealth. Tax mitigation and cash flow planning are but a few of the ways to control cash flow and yet maintain a fulfilling lifestyle.

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Wealth Transfer

Transferring wealth or assets to beneficiaries through financial planning strategies that often include wills, estate planning, life insurance, or trusts in a tax-efficient manner to capitalize on the most efficient means possible.

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Wealth Protection

Safeguarding wealth against volatile markets or bad investment decisions thorough estate planning, trusts, insurance policies and more helps ensure wealth is kept safe and secure for current and future generations.


Investment Consulting

Investments come in many forms. From stocks and mutual funds to real estate and IRAs, Lansing Street Advisors takes your current financial portfolio and wealth attainment goals to shape a comprehensive plan so that your wealth stays safe, yet grows at a rate designed with your future in mind.

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Working with experienced and trusted fiduciary professionals at Lansing Street Advisors means security for your hard-earned well-being.

About Lansing Street Advisors

Combining decades of investment, personal finance and life strategy advice, Lansing Street Advisors is a full-service fiduciary firm specializing in wealth enhancement and financial stewardship. Guiding families through the three phases of financial life:




We create day-to-day financial strategies and long-term stability for our clients.

- Warren Buffett

on the types of companies you want to invest in...

"Wonderful castles, surrounded by deep, dangerous moats where the leader inside is an honest and decent person. Preferably, the castle gets its strength from the genius inside; the moat is permanent and acts as a powerful deterrent to those considering an attack; and inside, the leader makes gold but doesn't keep it all for himself. Roughly translated, we like great companies with dominant positions, whose franchise is hard to duplicate and has tremendous staying power or some permanence to it."